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Our commitment to our people, and to our community, is that as we navigate the COVID-19 situation in our provice we will be following whatever guidelines are given to us by our governing authorities.

The government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services have declared a State of public health emergency. And have instituted new temporary measures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 which come into effect starting Sept. 16.

In response the following are the changes we will implimenting at Hillside:

Restrictions Exemption Program
Churches are not a part of the Restrictions Exemption Program and do not need to restrict access based on vaccination status or require proof of vaccination to enter. 

Masking Policy
The government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services have reinstituted a province wide mask mandate making masks mandatory in all indoor public spaces including religious gatherings, which includes us.  So, with the guidelines being what they are, upon entering, exiting, or moving through the building please wear a mask.

This mandate extends to all public events at the church - prayer meetings, Bible studies, small group meetings (men, women, young adults), Hillside Youth, etc. 

Social Distance Seating
We will not be having assigned, sectioned, seating so when you are finding a place to sit please do your best to ensure that you have distance between you and other households and cohorts.

Church Registration
At this point we will not be requiring you to register for church.  We will monitor attendance numbers and adjust this policy as needed.

Kids Ministry
We are going to be able to continue with our Mini's Preschool on Sunday mornings and we are continuing to work hard at opening up the rest of Hillside Kids as soon as possible.